We come to you with a “clean sheet of paper” and explore what you have going on, what you want to change, and help you develop a strategy. We can then gather the best resources needed to help you accomplish your objectives.

Stretch your Assets...Get More. Do More. Focus on Results.

Everyone is in the same boat when it comes to leaner budgets and bigger expectations. Imagine the impact when your operations:

Leave your Competition in the Dust!

Market share is king and we all know who our competition is. Customer satisfaction is a driving element in the world of who gets the business and with NextGen you will be able to put your company at the head of the pack! Elements that drive the need to be more competitive:

Higher Productivity, More Efficient, Increased Visibility

While customers are demanding faster service with lower prices, it is mission critical to simplify how you handle your products from receiving, storing, picking, packing and shipping. You must also have your Reverse Logistics processes in place. Our team is able to help you with:

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No matter how complex your distribution center or warehouse questions, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward. Through our team of subject matter experts, we can help you take decisive action and achieve sustainable results.

Operations Improvement

Operational inefficiencies exist in every organization, everyday. Are established policies and procedures being adhered to? How can our warehouse operational processes be improved? A Distribution Operations Diagnostics Review and Assessment will identify opportunities related to productivity, distribution center layout, processes, product slotting, inventory management, labor management and service. Our team will complete a detailed analysis of your operational processes including:

  • Hours of operation
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Administrative requirements
  • Physical receiving and put-away processes
  • Order filling
  • Replenishment
  • Loading

We will identify and highlight areas where warehouse operational processes may not be optimal, submit our findings for your review, and assist in the development and execution of an action plan that fits your organization.

Continued Process Improvement

As your business grows there is always the opportunity to improve and optimize your business’ processes. Given our vantage point to work across industries and customers, we are able to grow our knowledge base of what works and what doesn’t. We look forward to helping you increase productivity, streamline your picking and receiving processes, optimize warehouse organization, and utilize reporting and analytic tools.

Building and Facility Consulting

There is more to the distribution industry than operations and processes. The building, or Physcial Plant is an integral part of your overall corporate strategy. NextGen has specialists in what it takes to ensure you have the safest and most efficient facility, both inside and out. Our team is able to assist you with everything from building design, capacity, code requirements & compliance, and seismic engineering & calculations.


Fulfillment Solutions

Picking technology is exciting. No question. However, the technology is not the reason we need to talk. Instead, the most important reason for us to talk is to analyze your workload, SKU profile, labor costs, anticipated growth, and your customer demands. NextGen works with you on developing a ROI Based Business Case and identifies the best Fulfillment Solution that will:

ERP Solutions Consulting

Having a team that is committed to helping your business grow fast and grow smart is critical.

NextGen brings to the table many years experience consulting on ERP solutions to support traditional operational and financial management processes and also more complex platform development and integration projects.

Warehouse Technology Assessment & Selection

Selecting a WMS, LMS, or TMS vendor is an important decision for any distribution operation. Their software is a major cog in most supply chains. Should I use my ERP? Should I select a resident or Cloud based system? Do I need a best-of-breed, Tier 1 solution or will a less costly Tier 2 solution provider meet my business requirements?

NextGen teams with warehouse technology consultants who will assist you in evaluating software vecndors based on a proven, objective methodology. Our team follows a step-by-step process to conduct an unbiased and thorough evaluation, ensuring the recommended solutions meet your requirements and support the long-term goals of your distribution center operations.

Our proven methodology consits of:

  • Requirements Gathering and Definition
  • Vendor Identification
  • Vendor Request Proposal (RFP) Development & Distribution
  • RFP Review and Score Card Development
  • Conference Room Demonstrations
  • Reference Checks and Site Visits
  • Vendor Contract Negotiation
  • Project Kickoff Planning 

Our team of experienced warehouse technology consultants will guide you through the complexities of selecting a Supply Chain Execution Software vendor that meets your operational and financial goals without over-engineering.



When faced with the challenge of building a new facility, or making modifications to an existing facility, there are many decisions to consider. The NextGen team works closely with you to deliver solutions that properly balance the appropriate technologies with optimized processes and variable resources. We strive to achieve the best possible design to help you achieve your goals.

Facility Engineering & Design

The success of a logistics operation evolves from process design, product characteristics, storage and handling metholds, and anticipated growth considerations. Using a comprehensive approach, our engineering team evaluates the facility capacity and constraints in storage and throughput requirements for meeting current and future needs. We define:

  • Business metrics and design planning window
  • Product characteristics
  • DC design parameter & size requirements
  • Most efficient order fulfillment methodologies
  • Appropriate materials handling solutions in support of customer growth initiatives

We look at existing requirements and future growth plans, along with systems and technology, to come up with a design that works now, and well into the future.



Improving the productivity of a warehouse has never been more possible due to advances in technology. NextGen DC Systems has aligned with some of the most innovative suppliers of distribution center & warehouse technology that will assist with your business case goals. Let's explore some of the tools available in NextGen's toolbox that will maximize production and efficiency.

Order Fulfillment

Our focus is on Order Fulfillment and Reverse Logistics. We understand that all warehouse management systems have an order picking compenent. Some provide scanning capabilities when picking, others provide a batch picking feature, all vary substantially. Our objective is to be the best solution available for the widest variety of picking applications, all utilizing the same software and all interfacing with WMS, ERP and home grown warehouse systems.

Therefore, whether your distribution center has 120 SKUs and an 18 foot pick path - or 500,000 SKUs and a pick path that covers thousands of feet, we have a picking solution that fits your application.

  • Single Phase Cart Picking
  • Two Phase Put-Wall Pick/Sort
  • Two Phase Dynamic Slotting
  • Pick-to-Light
  • Continuous Picking
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Carousel Picking
  • Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

Incentive Pay Solutions

In today’s complex and fast-paced omni-channel business environment, warehousing, distribution and 3PL service providers are continuously challenged to accelerate deliveries, reduce costs and increase operational transparency. To meet these and other tough industry mandates, forward-thinking distribution companies are leveraging Shop Floor Control (SFC) methods and systems prioritize, track, and report order status, productivity and more.

In addition to providing greater visibility, SFC systems also enable and automate modern-day incentive pay programs to significantly increase efficiency and productivity. Fact is, companies can achieve gains of up to 30-40% in productivity just by moving from hourly to a well thought-out individual or team incentive pay plan.

Key SFC Benefits:

  • Gain Operational Visibility and Control
  • Boost Productivity with Incentive Pay
  • Automate Incentive Payroll Processing
  • Identify and Reduce Excess Costs
  • Streamline Order Fulfillment Processes
  • Track & Report Batch or Real-time Mode

ERP Integration

The world wants to talk to your ERP and you want your ERP to talk to the world.  We are there to help you with your needs.  Our team can help integrate with 3rd party or “in-house” developed applications.

CVP-500 Feb 2015

+ Watch Automated Pack/Ship


Automated Pack/Ship

ProShip CVP-500 Automated Packing Solution - A perfect fit-to-size parcel with the lowest possible cost. Benefits:

Cardboard Feeder Order Input & Scanning 3D Item Scanner Fit-to-Size Box Creation
Pick & Place Robot Printer Station Tape Unit Scale Print & Apply Label

Material Handling Solutions

Material Handling Solutions

NextGen is not in the traditional material handling system business, but we do have instances where it is necessary for re-design or retro-fit as part of a larger project scope.  We have the ability to source and install material handling equipment from various vendors and ensure that it fits with your overall building operations.





Carton Flow


Work Stations

Carts/Carton Flow/Work Stations

Today’s distribution center and warehouse leadership teams are challenged to increase productivity and efficiency while lowering costs. By utilizing Carts, Carton Flow and Work Stations you will benefit from our simplicity and flexibility for your material handling. Our provider of these products provides a wide selection of pipe colors so structures can easily be color coded by department or use. ESD pipe is also available for anti-static applications. A wide variety of accessories are available including information sheet holders, label holders, tool storage, overhead lighting, hooks for hanging tools and supplies.

Portable carts make easy work of order picking, convenient return, and effective visual management of inventory. Its presentation plane should be set at an angle that makes each order readily visible and identifiable. These carts are designed for each project depending on quantity of orders and size of picking containers. They are designed to accommodate picking lights, batteries, tablets, etc.

Carton Flow
A compound angle flow rack is ideal for use at workstations, assembly points, reverse logistics, receiving stations, kitting locations and other point-of-use part offloading locales. The conveyor surface is sloped lengthwise from the load end to work area end for gravity fed container flow. A second angle cants the conveyor surface toward the associate for ergonomic tote presenting and to naturally flow loose parts to the lower front corner of the container for a consistent picking location.

Compound angle flow racks position components close to associates at appropriate heights helping reduce repetitive bending and overreaching motions while providing ample inventory storage space to keep containers off the production floor. Unit designs can incorporate an empty container return lane.

Work Stations
The shipping department mobile workstation offers versatility, good ergonomics and keeps convenience in mind. As a mobile structure it is easily moved to any product gathering point in a warehouse or production cell where associates can prepare packages for shipment.

Key features of the workstation include a work surface across the front, vertical compartments for flat-corrugated box storage, roller/slide conveyor lanes for product presentation and storage shelves for completed packages. Skatewheel conveyors provide FIFO with a presentation angle created with slide pipe that enhances product visibility and physical access. The storage shelves can be used for loose parts, miscellaneous shipping supplies and completed packages. The flat box storage configuration can hold up to seven box sizes. The work surface can be set for stand-up or sit-down situations and its size can be easily modified.

Dual Delivery Throughput

+ Dual Delivery Throughput

Software Driven Horizontal Carousels & Vertical Lift Modules

American Specialty
In a continuous improvement environment, finding ways to save labor and save space are critical. Our Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, are the answer. We can achieve up to 90% space savings by utilizing the full height of your building. Labor savings of up to 50% or more can be achieved by utilizing the "parts to person" approach.

Modula Vertical Lift

Modula Vertical Lift

Sintes 1 Vertical Lift

Sintes 1 Vertical Lift

Diamond Phoenix Horizontal Carousels

Diamond Phoenix Horizontal Carousels

Power Depot Vertical Carousel

Power Depot Vertical Carousel